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Private Coaching | Adelena

Let me show you EXACTLY how to…


( YES! That means 6 figures or more! )



Personal Profile of Your Zone of Genius

Get clear on your Passion & how to turn into Profits

Eliminate money blocks & limits to your success

Generate leads with a personalised marketing funnel

Develop the art of effortless sales conversations

Identify key roles & winning attributes in your dream team


Do you feel that you’re constantly trying to fit into something or someone else’s idea of what’s best for you?

You’re a service based professional. An accountant, lawyer, designer, architect, app developer, e-commerce entrepreneur, start up.

It’s your first year in business and it’s harder than you thought it would be to get clients and consistent cash. You’ve run out of time trying to piece all the programs you could get your hands on, freebies, youtube videos, group programs to make it uniquely work for you.

It all just seems to be a cycle of many undone tasks and you don’t know where to start to bring order and move forward, getting your dream business and life off the ground.

Your savings are running low and you’ve entertained going back to a corporate job yet you know the very reason you left still rings loudly clear to you. Same shit different place.

I get it, it isn’t easy. I have been there.

I started my first business with technical knowledge and experience but no business experience. It was tough. I hadn’t realised that business does require us to do sales. I know it must be stating the obvious for some of you yet for some, like me then, it was a shocking revelation and I had no clue how to do sales, nor how to speak to people about my products or services, let alone to sell them on. I had my office ready, name cards, company set up, accounting and invoice system done, all the necessary structures that I thought you’d require for a business, but no clients!

Can you relate?

I was running out of money and I needed help. It was not until a self-made business man mentored me did I finally realise what I don’t know, and only when I was willing to unlearn and relearn, did I make the breaks in my business. My mentor grilled and drilled me day and night. I worked for him for less than nothing, and I gained everything. Within a year, my biz gained 50 new clients on year long contracts and I could engage a full time team to work in my business. With predictable income for the next 12 months, I gain freedom, solid business systems to scale and deeper discovery of who I am.

Years on, I’ve invested in hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching and mentor-ship programs

to develop and grow my business to double and quadruple my profits year on year. Now I run a global thriving coaching business, live in my dream home, vacation and host speaking events in luxurious destinations and mastermind with million dollars online entrepreneurs round the world. I am living my purpose, fueled by my passion that creates my profits.

I don’t say this to boast and brag

I just want you to
realise the possibilities

and know that that it is never too early to transform your business…
Getting a mentor made all the difference to me.
My mission is to help entrepreneurs like you achieve what you truly want, live your purpose and magnetise your profits so you can truly live the life and business of your dreams.

Dreams do not have to die young.



USD 2497

Yes, I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions

“..I feel liberated, strong and more determined..”


Interior Designer / Altohaus Designs

The systems provided by Adelena in her coaching program gave me the perfect platform to launch my business and earn my own income every month. In the program, I learned to quickly setup my business presence online, and put in place fundamental online tools to get my business up and running. Just by doing this, I gained a valuable client who procures my design services repeatedly each month, right from the first month of the program! The program provided the tools for me to focus on the kind of activities to create consistent income, I could eliminate having to go through “trial and error” to find out, and this saved me time and money. I absolutely know that I have leaped forward in my business!

Before getting on a coaching program with Adelena, I used to feel overwhelmed when others gave opinions and suggestions and always felt small and totally ill-equipped for my success. But through this program and working with Adelena, in just 3 months, I can feel that I gained inner strength and confidence in myself and in my vision for my success! I feel liberated, strong and more determined than ever to reach my goals!


Principal / Greenapple Academy

Everybody can help themselves achieve their dreams, goals and desires and everybody has equal potential and it’s infinite!

Adelena is fantastic, very confident and very sincere. My coach is a gem!


Lawyer and Artist /
Dymphna Lanjuran Consultancy and Art

Adelena is great at coaching and strategizing! For a new business owner like me, having a third (or fourth!) eyes to look at things in their own ways really made a huge impact, not just to the progress of my businesses but also to the growth of myself as a person and the owner of the business.

That is why I created the


01 DAY Intensive

Now this is no cookie cutter template program. I will work with you 1:1 to get

Crystal clear on your zone of genius. Clear your limiting beliefs around creating your dream business with your interests areas and passion.

Create a do-able marketing funnel that will continuously generate qualified leads.

Learn to speak through your heart and get winning conversations that closes high sales conversions all the time.

Clear on who your ideal clients are, your messaging, where to find them.

Stand in your power with your unique client requirement checklist so that you build your business joyfully with phenomenal clients who love to work with you.

Access areas you will require support in and design roles, what to ask for and engage in a team so that your business can run smoothly and effectively even if you’re not there.

For many, the secret to breaking this barrier seems to be the world’s best kept one, or that you must pay US$15,000 dollars to learn some potential theories… and then another US$15,000 to learn how to put that advice into place…etc…etc…

You know you need that 1:1 time to get that valued coaching unique to you so that you can walk away transforming your beliefs, staying true to your vision and implement structures and systems confidently.Yet the costs of investing in a 1:1 program with a top coach is formidable where you’re at right now.

This is where the BOSS BREAKTHROUGH PROGRAM comes in

systems and structures to get consistent clients and cashflow every month.

transform your belief in manifesting your desired dream business and life.

entrepreneurial mindset and habits that get you what you want faster and

clear messaging so you attract your ideal clients from where they’re at consistently.

know what to say to gain high sales conversions.

create a dream team to support you and your businesses smoothly.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:


Entrepreneurship is a personal development journey. You can have all the best systems and structures from the top ivy league schools and yet your business cannot work for you. Connecting to you and what you are truly passionate about will fuel your purpose and skyrocket your profits.


When you’re in it, you cant see your blind spots. Period. It takes a successful mentor who’s been there and shows you the way, so you don’t have to go through years of mistakes to get your success


When you drop the “I know” and “buts”, and start to follow instructions and be coachable, you will create success


Developing and protecting the right entrepreneurial mindset gets you what you want. Implementing the right entrepreneurial habits gets you who you want to become. Learn how to do this effectively and you can virtually program yourself to achieve whatever you want all the time.


To get great sales conversions, learn how to find what people want and help them get what they want. Learn how to have great conversations about this. You will not only be materially and spiritually rewarded prosperously but you will have life long friendships.



USD 2497

Yes, I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions

“..It has left me with a feeling of empowerment over any other thing.”


CEO Virtual Reality /
VRX Labs (M) Sdn Bhd

I was having problems in prioritizing parts of my business and it was beginning to overwhelm me. Everything was in haywire. Adelena helped me to refocus what was important and got things re-organized in my business management. She did this by having me take a step back and looking at my business from outside-in. It sounds
easy in theory but I would not have done this without her help. This resulted in me getting realigned back in the game for my business and most importantly life.


Economist / World Report LONDON

Through two sessions with Adelena, we have been going through an interesting journey… It has left me with a feeling of empowerment over any other thing. Our lives are what we make out of them, and this course has been the first step for me to be aware of these essentials.

It has been the best 10 hours of my life in years, an investment for yourself with the help of a beautiful soul showing you a shinning path. Thank you Adelena!


  • Spaces are limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. If this is for you, register today.
  • Your coaching time will be conducted in person In KUALA LUMPUR, or via video call over Zoom and it will be recorded, so you can re-listen to your recording as needed.
  • Adelena will study you prior to the session. Upon registration, you’ll receive an extensive Welcome Packet asking detailed questions about your desires, challenges and the outcomes you’re looking for. That way there’s no need for catching Adelena up on who you are and you can make the most of your time together.
  • Sessions will begin from 10AM-4PM MYT.
  • Lunch and tea breaks are included for in person sessions


Let me be upfront and tell you who this is NOT FOR:

  • If you’re expecting a quick fix solution and “get rich quick” without any effort, I’m sorry, I do not subscribe to this thinking. We create a business blue print together with you so that you can take these do-able steps in achieving money flow and clients you love to work with. It will require effort and implementation post the intensive and you are 100% accountable for your results.
  • If you are overly sceptic / negative or cynical, and you thrive to look for problems instead of solutions, live in drama and close minded to new ways of doing things, then I am the first to say I’m not a magician and I can’t help you.
  • If you’re looking for tips on hypothetical situations, I’ll be upfront to bring both us on the same page by saying my coaching methods brings you lovingly to reality. We don’t do hypothetical, what ifs and maybe’s that your client , loved ones or some imaginary person may be asking you to solve. We are working on your business model, (not someone else’s) real scenarios you are facing and what’s possible for you, to best be in service to you. I am here as much as you are here to win it.


On the other hand, who would gain the most is:

  • You’re a massive action taker
  • You’re totally coachable. You must be open to do the work and follow instructions. (nothing unethical or weird)
  • You work from the place of INTEGRITY and total ACCOUNTABILITY
  • You’re ready to transform AND make the changes required to achieve what you want
  • You’re a go-getter and committed to create that change

If you’re ready to commit and put skin in the game, and do whatever it takes…

then this is for YOU!

And I will do everything in my power to see you succeed!


01 DAY Intensive

What you can expect from this 1 day private intensive

Confidently implement your marketing and sales strategies to skyrocket your income.

Confidently use the tools and strategies that will keep you on a high positive vibe no matter the circumstances or conditions

Provide an irresistible offer to ideal clients who’d love your work.

Be the superstar business owner that is rocking your BOSS status, spending time where you want while your business runs.

A 1 DAY INTENSIVE. packages up 6 weeks of coaching for you to kickstart your business for phenomenal results now. You deserve expert support and mentor-ship to create the major shifts you crave in getting your money flowing and you living on purpose in your life again. Now is the perfect time to create the vibrant life that is possible for you.

You ready? Get the support you need now.

Yes, I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions

These will sell out fast!



USD 2497

Yes, I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions

“..completely secured a 5-figure sales per month for the next 12 months!!”



I signed on to the business coaching program with Adelena and within just 1 month on the program, I was absolutely on track to surprise myself! After using the mind tools and the business systems and the business thinking required for me to create clients for my business, within just 3 months, I realised that I had completely secured a 5-figure sales per month for the next 12 months!! Nothing can describe the absolute joy and the unparalleled relief, as I know this is not possible without coming on to a business program such as I had with Adelena! I feel so lucky to meet a passionate, inspired, friendly and caring woman —- Adelena!

Need to find out more?

Get on a COMPLIMENTARY CALL where you and I will discover your aspirations and whether we are a right fit for each other. Find out how you can secure predictable income and up level your business on this free call.

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